Recommended by a friend I nevertheless breathed a sigh of relief when I entered and met with Adina and David – owners of A. and T. Pain Solutions. There is a coziness to their reception area that I enjoy and the attitude of Adina and David to their patients is one of respect and collaboration – they listen to my opinions which are then incorporated into the treatments. And it’s the most wonderful excuse to relax both my mind and body.

I have been attending the clinic for about three years - to help keep me free from the inflammation arthritis creates in my muscles and joints;  to help balance the inner workings of my poor, overstressed body and to generally slow down the ravages of time we elders tend to experience with advancing years.

My shoulders/neck will always be ongoing area of stress but I have noticed the muscles becoming more relaxed and supple; my digestion has improved and I use far fewer supplements than before – my body has responded well to the needles; I look forward to that sense of overall balance each time. 

Sometimes after the release of toxins I feel tired but know the next day I’ll be clear headed and energized (grouse grind in 5 mins – both ways); I always feel relaxed and ready to face the remainder of my day.

Going to A. and T. Pain Solutions has become an integral and very enjoyable part of my health and wellness programme. I have recommended the clinic to many of my friends who have also become very satisfied clients; I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone reading this testimonial.

-Lela Billows from Vancouver, February 2018.